MoCI: Over 50 consumer protection related complaints received each day

  • 7 months   ago
According the Assistant Undersecretary for Consumer affairs at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), Sheikh Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani, the ministry receives between 50 to 70 complaints per day regarding consumer protection. He also mentioned that 250 complaints are taken into consideration at the moment as some complaints may be delayed by three days. 
Sheikh Jassim bin Jabor stated that “some complaints are resolved immediately. Others, such as complaints related to services and contracts, take more time depending on the complaint. According to the law, some grievances need the parties to be present for the procedure to be legal.”
Speaking to Qatar Radio, he said that recently there were various cases of commercial fraud in foodstuffs spotted. He highlighted the importance of the administration team and they must be always contacted whenever a violation to protect the consumer is noted and they should be in touch through the hotline or the Ministry’s social media accounts.
Concerning the strategic stock law, Sheikh Jassim said that it came to be due to recent events like the blockade and COVID-19. The legislator decided that there should be a law to increase the private sector’s strategic reserve to preserve food security.
“The law specified several main commodities that require the merchant to keep large quantities according to contracts between the public and private sectors. So far, 23 contracts were signed to raise the strategic stock of several commodities, some of which will help achieve food security,” he said.
Sheikh Jassim also mentioned that the Ministry now and after many crises have succeeded in diversifying the sources of imported goods to be available and at reasonable prices. He emphasised that increasing prices are based on many studies and is acceptable compared to other countries in the region.
Speaking on supporting the local production, he said that this has passed through many stages and significant self-sufficiency in many vegetables, fruits, and other commodities.