MoCI: Over 650 consumer goods discounted for Ramadan 2021

  • 10 months   ago
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has announced that more than 650 consumer goods will be now available for discount prices during this year’s Ramadan as the ministry has launched this due to the occasion of the Holy Month.
The initiative has been launched by joining hands with major shopping malls that came into effect from today onwards and will remain applicable until the end of the holy month of Ramadan.
The newly launched initiative covers basic goods and products consumed during Ramadan, such as flour, sugar, rice, pasta, chicken, oil, milk, and other food and non-food items of relative importance to consumers, and whose consumption increases during the Ramadan season.
According to the list that was released, QFM Flour No1 (5kg) will be sold at QR16; QFM whole wheat flour (10kg) at QR22.25, R S Olive Oil (500ml) at QR11.25,  Yara pure sunflower oil (1.8litre) at QR15, Baladna fresh yogurt full fat (2kg) at QR10, Dandy Laban - Airan (2litre) at QR6.75, Lurpark butter (400gram) at QR14.25, Dandy orange juice (1.5litre) at QR8.25. 
The Ministry has also been implementing and executing this initiative for its residents and citizens over the past nine years in Qatar
Ministry's Consumer Protection Department also operates strict monitoring of commercial markets during the Holy Month to check if it goes in lines with the rules and regulations like proper display and details of the products. The monitoring helps greatly in making sure if the availability of quality goods and products are sold at suitable prices.