MOPH announces list of health facilities approved for PCR tests

  • 7 months   ago
The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) made an announcement regarding a list of health facilities approved for rapid PCR swab test against Covid-19. 
Earlier MOPH has stated that “Anyone needing a Rapid Antigen Test to detect COVID-19 virus antigens is reminded that these are delivered through private healthcare facilities.”
Rapid Antigen Tests is required by a simple process of nasal swab and the results are commonly obtained within 15 minutes. 
MOPH further added: “Please check with your local private healthcare provider to make an appointment to take a test if you need one.”
The list of 42 approved health facilities are as follows:
1.    Al Jameel Medical Center 
2.    Turkish Hospital
3.    Atlas Medical Center 
4.    Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Center Doha
5.    Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Center 
6.    New Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Center
7.    Al Esraa Polyclinic 
8.    Elite Medical Center 
9.    Dr. Maher Abbas Polyclinic 
10.    Syrian American Medical Center
11.    Future Medical Center 
12.    Premium Naseem Al-Rabeeh Medical Center- Doha
13.    Apollo Polyclinic- Qatar 
14.    Al Esraa Medical Center 
15.    SAC Polyclinic- Qatar Mall 
16.    Dr.Moopen's Aster Hospital
17.    Elite Medical Center 
18.    Aster Medical Center Plus- Almuntazah
19.    Aster Medical Center- Al Khor 
20.    Dr.Maher Abbas Polyclinic 
21.    Aster Medical Center Plus
22.    Wellcare Polyclinic 
23.    Aster Medical Center (Industrial Area)
24.    Al Malakiya Clinics 
25.    Al Emadi Hospital Clinics-North W.L.L
26.    Al Emadi Hospital
27.    Al Emadi Hospital 
28.    Al Jameel Medical Center 
29.    Al tahrir medical center
30.    Al fardan medical
31.    Al abeer medical 
32.    Allevia medical center
33.    Sama medical care 
34.    Dr Khaled al sheikh medical 
35.    Dr Mohammad amine zbeib 
36.    Gardenia medical center
37.    Nova health care 
38.    Asian medical health
39.    al ahli hospital
40.    Al tai medical
41.    Focus medical center 
42.    Al wakra clinics & Urgent care unit - Al Ahli Hospital
In accordance to the second phase of lifting of restrictions, it is compulsory for those un-vaccinated residents and citizens to do weekly Rapid Antigen Test against the Covid-19.