More than 6000 vehicles passed through Abu Samra border during Eid Al Fitr

  • 5 months   ago
According to Acting Head of the Passenger’s Customs Section at Abu Samra Border Checkpoint, Abdullah Al Jaber, nearly 17,000 travellers and 6,300 vehicles passed through Abu Samra border during Eid Al Fitr.
During a Qatar Radio programme, Al Jaber said that, “Following the directives from the authorities concerned, Abu Samra Border of Qatar with Saudi Arabia reopened on February 14, 2021, for passengers and trade between both countries.” 
He stated that in coordination with the departments concerned in the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), and Ministry of Interior (MoI), all the travellers and cargoes were received and screened at the checkpoint during Eid Al Fitr.
Al Jaber highlighted that, “The rules and regulations were made for how goods at Abu Samra Border Checkpoint would pass through. The truck drivers from Saudi Arabia passing through the checkpoint should obtain a health certificate of PCR test showing they are free from COVID-19 infection, certified by the Saudi Arabia Health Ministry,” Al Jaber said.
He pointed out that the health certificate for all the passengers must be valid at least 72 hours prior the date of entry.
Al Jaber said: “The foreign (international) drivers and trucks carrying goods to Qatar will not be allowed to enter in Qatar through Abu Samra border as the goods will be unloaded and reloaded in local trucks by importers or those representing them based on prior coordination with customs at the border Checkpoint.”
He also mentioned that the foreign trucks and drivers will be sent back to Saudi Arabia directly after unloading their goods and completing the procedures at the Abu Samra border.
“All importers using the Abu Samra Border Checkpoint should prepare local trucks suitable for transporting the goods. They should notify the customs authority at the Abu Samra border of the timing and number of trucks in advance to ease the procedures of entry,” he added.