No group activities allowed on NSD, committee confirms

  • 2 years   ago

The organizers of the National Sports Day (NSD) have announced that only individual sports activities will be allowed this year. The Ministry of Culture and Sports in coordination with the Ministry of Health issued a statement, announcing the amendment of the conditions and guidelines for the activities and sporting events of the 2021 National Sports Day. 

The amendments are based on public health indicators to avoid further spread of COVID-19 and to ensure safety for all. It has been decided that this year, NSD will feature only individual and outdoor sports activities, including swimming, running and cycling, with a maximum of four participants only. 

The statement further explains that the participants should maintain physical distancing of 3m at all times. No group activities and sports with a possibility of contact or proximity among the players will be allowed. Also, no activities inside closed halls will be permitted and all sports activities should be held strictly in outdoor places. 



The committee has also urged people to comply with the COVID-19 precautionary and preventive measures, such as wearing masks, except when practicing sports. Besides following the protocols, the Committee stressed the importance of conducting a thermal examination for practitioners of sports activity before entering any area of practice. This is with an intent to exclude those participants whose temperature reach more than 37.8 C. Additionally, the participants are needed to have a green color EHTHERAZ application. 

The committee has discouraged the non-immune groups, such as people belonging to or above the age of 60 years as well as people with chronic illnesses, from attending places of sports activities in interest of their safety. The committee further stressed that meals can be provided in public places adhering to the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health and restaurants are required to abide by the recent protocols that were reinstated. 

Qatar NSD highlights the importance of sports with its moral and human values, and health benefits. Additionally, it also educates citizens and residents of the importance of sports in daily life, encouraging them to practice it throughout the year. 

For more information or to download the protocol file, visit the Ministry of Culture and Sports website at