Official says nearly 97 percent of school workers received Covid-19 vaccination in Qatar

  • 5 months   ago
Speaking to Qatar TV on Monday, Mohamed Ahmed al-Bishri, adviser to HE the Minister of Education and Higher Education, said that nearly 97 percent of school workers including teachers, staffs and other administrative employees at schools have received vaccination against Covid-19 in Qatar. 
He continued by saying that all workers have been vaccinated and the campaign that started in the month of February in like with the health ministry is still ongoing.
Numerous departments at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) have ensured to take all the essential preventives and to fight against the deadly pandemic as the final year exams are soon approaching for both private and government institutions for all classes from grade I to grade XII.
Al-Bishri emphasised that the MoEHE health inspectors and teams from the Public Health Ministry recently visited many schools to make sure if they are going in line with the preventive measures enforced by authorities to curb the further spread of Covid-19.
Al-Bishri said: "The exam schedule was finalised after considering the need to reduce any possible physical interaction among the students in addition to maintaining a safe distance between each individual.”
Al-Bishri highlighted that all students have to take part in the soon-approaching exams at schools with no exceptions or excuses other than with given medical reports provided from the schools and centres concerned under the health ministry in case of Covid-19 infection, interaction with those infected or for other reasons for medical and health.
The blended education and remote learning concepts were assessed continuously and all the outcomes prove they were considerably successful. Substantial efforts have been exerted to make remote learning more accessible and interactive for students and to monitor their attendance in classes.
All the necessary infrastructure and sophisticated equipment have been supplied by the MoEHE, in addition to launching two satellite TV channels to telecast the lessons besides the other online means.
All the schools in the region have been sanitised before the exams take place. At the moment they are being sanitised after each per day. In the same way, all the bus drivers are undertaking the quarantined process from every other bus driver and their temperature is checked every day before they resume their work. 
The same situation goes to the bus conductors as well. Buses are also sanitised each day. Also, the body temperature of all students is measured before they students board the buses or entering the school premises to make sure the safety of each student and workers are in place.