Over 80% school teachers and staff received Covid-19 vaccination, says Official

  • 10 months   ago
According to a senior education ministry official, over 80 % of teachers and administrative staff has received vaccination for Covid-19 across all schools in Qatar 
The latest figures indicate after the authorities takes intensive efforts to vaccinate all residents in the region, prioritising all those who are employed in the educational industry, Mohamed Al-Bishri, adviser to the Minister of Education and Higher Education told Qatar TV.
These measures were taken in order to restrict the further spread of the deadly disease as many cases were reported especially among the school workers. This prompted the ministry to put strict measures into places and to reduce the rapid spreading virus in the region.
The enforced measures specified by the ministry was that no staff will be allowed to enter the school campuses without showing the proof of vaccination and a golden stamp on their Ehteraz application providing that they are tested Covid-19 negative as of March 21.
The ministry also stated that those employees who refrain from getting vaccination for “unacceptable reasons” and later tests Covid-19 positive or come in contact with a confined individual will not be eligible for a paid leave during their quarantine time frame.  
In the interview, Al-Bishri affirmed that the ministry does not oblige any employee or a member of the school to obtain a vaccination for Covid-19, but said those who opt to forgo the shot will be needed to submit a negative Covid-19 PCR test on a each weel.
The last week, the authorities made changes to the number of school attendees and decreasing the percentage rate from 50% to 30% in order to ensure the virus stays under control.
Al-Bishri said the decision came in response to an increase in daily Covid-19 cases in Qatar and is intended to ensure protection of all students as well as teachers and other employees at schools. 
Al-Bishri also requested parents to abide by the imposed precautionary and preventive methods when picking up or dropping off children outside the school premises and urged all the parents to avoid sending students to school if they are suffering from mild symptoms 
He also stated that, no further decisions have been made as of now in relation to the schedule of the upcoming examinations, although authorities are still analysing the issue and will announce at convenient time giving appropriate solution soon.