Prime Minister of Palestine thanks Qatar for rejecting 'Deal of the Century'

  • 2 years   ago
Qatar is an important and fundamental supporter of the Palestinian cause- politically, morally and materially- Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Ibrahim Shtayyeh has said.
He said his current visit to Doha was to request the continuation of Doha's honourable stances to complete Palestinian reconciliation and contribute to achieving positive results in this matter after it played an important role in stopping the recent aggression against the Palestinians in Jerusalem and Gaza.
In an exclusive interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA) on Monday, the Palestinian prime minister noted that there is full understanding at the highest levels between the Qatari and Palestinian leaderships.
He stressed that Qatar always stands with the Palestinian ranks and supports two major and sensitive issues, Jerusalem, which is an icon for the Palestinian people, and aid to the Palestinians to strengthen their steadfastness.
He added that Qatar paid a great price for its stance against the 'Deal of the Century' and for supporting the Palestinian stance, pointing to the extent of the pressure that Qatar was subjected to for standing with the Palestinian issues against the annexation of Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. "Qatar has provided the Gaza Strip in the past years with more than $1.6bn, in the form of development projects, buildings, infrastructure and cash, which enhances people's ability to adapt to the difficult situation they are living in due to the blockade.
Shtayyeh said Qatar has played an important role in facilitating an agreement on the Palestinian elections, that were to be held in May 2021, but Israel placed obstacles to thwart it. He expressed surprise at those who claim that the aid provided to the Gaza Strip increased Palestinian division and welcomed all forms of support for the Palestinian people wherever they are.
Regarding his visit to Doha, he said he wanted to thank and express gratitude to Qatar and His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, for his political, moral, and material stance with the Palestinian people and their cause in general, and Jerusalem in particular.
He said the visit also seeks to consulting with the Qatari leadership and exchanging views on how to fill the "political vacuum" and transfer the current situation from "peace diplomacy" to a serious and real "peace process" based on international law and international legitimacy.
He said what is known as the "deal of the century" is based on the annexation of Jerusalem to Israel, and if the Palestinian authorities agreed to hold the elections, that meant agreeing to that deal, so the elections were postponed.
On the position of the new US administration on the Palestinian issue, the Palestinian Prime Minister's State explained that it has shown good initiatives.
With regard to approaching the International Criminal Court over the recent attack on Jerusalem and Gaza, the Palestinian Prime Minister that 3 major international files have been submitted to the ICC : the file of prisoners, the file of the aggression on Gaza in 2014 (the last aggression will be attached to the file of aggression) and the third one related to the illegal establishment of Jewish settlements on illegally confiscated lands.

Source: QNA