Qatar affirms its constant support to Sudan and fulfil its previous pledges

  • 8 months   ago
The State of Qatar affirmed that it would continue to support Sudan and continue to fulfil its previous pledges and use various investment tools to examine opportunities in the economic sectors in Sudan.
This came in the State of Qatar’s speech delivered by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs H E Sultan bin Saad Al Muraikhi at the International Conference on Sudan.
Al Muraikhi thanked the President of the French Republic H E Emmanuel Macron, and the people and government of France for hosting this important conference, which aims to support the Republic of Sudan in light of the tremendous political and economic challenges it is going through. He added that these conditions add to the importance of this conference, which creates a significant opportunity to explore investment opportunities and creating the appropriate environment to enhance and develop investment.
Al Muraikhi said the broad participation of the international community in the conference reflects the great position that Sudan occupies regionally and internationally and the attention that countries attach to it due to the huge investment opportunities it enjoys in light of the efforts made by the Sudanese government to achieve security, stability, and development for the Sudanese people. This doubles the hopes for the outcomes of the conference and deepens optimism in achieving its desired goals.
He also stated that despite Qatar’s conviction of Sudan’s great potential and the ability of its economy to grow in the face of crises, improving the performance of the economy and reaching sustainable growth has become a necessity more than ever before. Sudan has the necessary ingredients for the success of any investment, which requires developing legislation to encourage foreign investment, improving the business environment and economic openness, and creating an appropriate environment for that.
The minister emphasized that peace is the central pillar of stability, without which all efforts are lost. He highlighted Qatar’s involvement in establishing peace in Darfur, highlighting Qatar’s support for peace in the region, and hosted talks that lasted more than a year, which yielded the Doha Document for Peace. He said that the efforts helped establish peace in the entire region and helped make it relatively stable. He added that the time has come to establish complete and sustainable peace in Darfur and other parts of Sudan. 
He stated that Qatar continues to honour its pledges in the Doha Donors Conference held in April 2013. He highlighted Qatar’s role in building 15 model villages. Each village has a capacity of 100,00 people returning from refugee camps and provided them with drinking water, educational institutions, healthcare, and other facilities. 
Al Muraikhi said Qatar provided government aid to Sudan that exceeded $500 mn from 2010-2020, while non-governmental aid crossed the $250 mn mark. 

Source: QNA