Qatar celebrates 10th edition of NSD today

  • 2 years   ago

On Tuesday, 9 February, the activities of the 10th edition of the National Sport Day began with regard to the Amiri Decree No. 80, marking the celebration of National Sport Day, an event unique to Qatar. National Sport Day aims at raising awareness of the importance of sports and its role in society, making it an essential part of the individual’s daily life. 




This year, only individual activities are permitted. Some of these activities include swimming, running and cycling, as group activities require contact – which is strictly prohibited. This Sports Day, public attendance is not allowed. All this was undertaken within the MoPH’s plan to reinstate the restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the State of Qatar, preventing the further outbreak and ensuring the safety of society. 

Only outdoor sports activities are allowed this year. No sporting events in schools and clubs are permitted.