Qatar Charity delivers aid to COVID-19 impacted expatriate families

  • 8 months   ago

Qatar Charity (QC) distributed food baskets to more than 1,300 various expatriate families affected by the coronavirus, benefiting 1,000 Syrian families and nearly 200 Yemeni households in Doha, in addition to about 120 families from numerous expatriate communities in Al khor.

The distribution of food baskets came with the participation of volunteers from expatriate communities and Qatar Charity, aiming at alleviating the suffering of those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The food baskets were distributed to the beneficiaries in cooperation and coordination with the representatives of the expatriate communities in Qatar.

Many heads of the Arabic expatriate communities in Qatar praised the notable role of Qatar Charity in alleviating the suffering of those affected by the pandemic. They said that Qatar Charity is at the forefront of extending humanitarian and relief aid to the needy, as well as it supports low-income and affected families in and outside Qatar.


In Al Khor, Qatar Charity distributed the food baskets through its community development center located there. Besides, it delivered the food packages to the affected Yemeni and Syrian families in Doha. Each basket had the necessary food items for these families.

Aisha Al Kuwari, Director of Qatar Charity for Community Development in Al Khor, said this generous gesture from Qatar Charity had a good impact on the beneficiaries, indicating that it had previously distributed the food baskets to the same number of expatriate families in Al Khor in July last year.  

The Secretary-General of the Global Union of Yemeni Communities and the head of the Yemeni community in Qatar Zain Mohsen Al-Marqab praised Qatar Charity’s continued support for Yemeni families in different seasons like Ramadan, as well as in difficult times like the coronavirus pandemic.

Engineer Muhammad Yassin Najjar, head of the Syrian Community Council thanked Qatar Charity and the benefactors in Qatar for extending the continued support to the Syrian coronavirus-hit families in Qatar as well as for its distinguished role in supporting the Syrian refugees and displaced, noting a deep relationship between the community and benefactors in Qatar.

In December last year, Qatar Charity distributed approximately 800 food baskets to 236 families belonging to 6 Asian expatriate communities in Qatar.

Source: Qatar Charity