Qatar Charity distributes food parcels to Asian expatriate families

  • 9 months   ago

Qatar Charity (QC) distributed food baskets to Asian expatriate families in Qatar, who were affected by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many volunteers from different expatriate communities along with social media influencers took part in distributing the food parcels to the beneficiaries.

800 baskets were distributed to 236 families from six communities, as part of the continued efforts made by Qatar Charity to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the pandemic.

Mr. Jassim Al-Emadi, Director of the Program and Community Development Department at Qatar Charity, said that the distribution of the food baskets is the continuation of the efforts made by Qatar Charity to alleviate the suffering of the affected, as the distribution of food parcels to families with limited income began at the emergence of the coronavirus. He also indicated that Qatar Charity would continue to distribute food baskets.

Al-Emadi noted that Qatar Charity has made distinguished efforts to contribute to limiting the spread of the coronavirus. In cooperation with many bodies in the country, Qatar Charity has distributed health bags, awareness materials, and food parcels to low-income families, workers, and volunteers across the country.

Social media influencers praised Qatar Charity for its outstanding role in alleviating the suffering of those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Iman Al-Kaabi said that Qatar Charity is always proactive in providing humanitarian and relief aid, and stands by the vulnerable, the needy, and the affected in and outside the State of Qatar.

Nadine Al-Bitar, said Qatar Charity stood by the affected Asian families by providing the food baskets that will contribute to lessening the suffering of the beneficiaries, while Ahmed Abdullah termed the food basket distribution as a ‘good initiative’ that came from Qatar Charity, which has rushed to help the affected since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Sheikh Ayesh Al-Qahtani urged the philanthropists in Qatar to continue supporting Qatar Charity, so that it can reach the largest possible number of the affected.


Qatar Charity, as part of its humanitarian and social services offered within the State of Qatar, seeks to reach numerous expatriate communities residing in the country, in cooperation with their embassies and the heads of their communities, especially in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some 13,262 food parcels were distributed in light of the coronavirus pandemic, benefiting nearly 53,048 people from different Asian, Arab and African communities.