Qatar Charity establishes two centers to care for Syrian refugees with cancer

  • 1 year ago

With the continuation of the Corona pandemic and the risk of infection, which can affect people with chronic diseases in general and cancer patients in particular.

Qatar Charity has initiated two community health care centers in the cities of Gaziantep and Antakya in southern Turkey to host and care for cancer patients coming from Syria for cancer treatment due to the lack of treatment in northern Syria.

This project aims to reduce the financial, psychological, and physical burden that cancer patients suffer.

In addition, here lies the role of health care centers that receive the patient upon entering the border crossings and transferring him to hospitals to begin the treatment journey that may last for months or years.

Premium care

Mr. Mohamed Zeno, one of the centers’ supervisor, says:

“When a patient goes to the hospital to take a dose of chemotherapy, he urgently needs someone to accompany him and relieve him of the pain of the chemical dose.

Adding that the effects of the doses and her pain last for at least two or three days, in which the patient suffers from various symptoms such as nausea Headache and pain spread to the extremities"

Health care centers provide patients with all logistical, social, and psychological services and medical consultations and translation services in Turkish hospitals, and secure all the requirements for a decent life.

Medical cadres and psychological support specialists supervise the centers with long experience dealing with cancer patients who need distinctive and different care from other diseases.


Big impact

The centers have had a positive impact on the patients benefiting from the Syrian refugees.

Yousef, 18 years old and suffers from bone cancer, forcing doctors to amputate his right foot after cancer had spread.

He says that since the first day I arrived in Turkey, the center's family has become my family; they are the ones who stood beside me in all my pain and sad moments before and after the Amputation of my foot.

Upon my recovery, I pledged myself to start helping the cancer patients I could feel their pain today.

Source: Qatar Charity