Qatar Charity organizes workshop on managing stress

  • 9 months   ago

Qatar Charity (QC), in cooperation with Moza bint Mohammed Preparatory School for Girls, organized a workshop remotely on managing stress and setting priorities.

The workshop was organized as part of Noon, a Qatar Charity’s platform to teach, train, and empower remotely, and attended by 70 participants, including the faculty, administrative staff and parents.

The workshop discussed the concept, types, and sources of stress, as well as work pressures in addition to the methods to release such pressures and feel happy.

During the workshop, Jawaher Al-Mana, instructor, said that psychological pressures are the difficulties that require a person to carry out tasks beyond his capacities, which causes distress and stress to the person. She emphasized that managing priorities and allocating part of the day to sharpen the energy will help in managing stress in life.

Al-Mana also mentioned the types of stress, which are economic, social and family pressures, as well as academic difficulties and emotional pressures of all kinds. She explained that stress sometimes generates a kind of violence and extremism, leads to isolation from life and reality, and affects dealing with others or building a relationship with them.

Al-Mana added that stress has many negative effects on the human being and negatively affects productive and creative work in life. She indicated that life changes in general, financial trouble, work and family problems are among the causes of stress, and that the work environment may generate pressure due to new tasks assigned to an employee, competition in the workplace, and backlogs.


Al-Mana advised that the person should not let others control his happiness, stay away from anyone coitizing him a lot, not focus on the things he does not have, and keep away from negative persons to feel happy.


Many participants expressed that they have benefited from the workshop that helped them know how to control stress and pressures.

Source: Qatar Charity