Qatar Charity Provides Medicine for Kidney Patients in Northern Syria

  • 4 months   ago
Qatar Charity Provides Medicine for Kidney Patients in Northern Syria

Qatar Charity has secured quantities of necessary medicines and medical requirements for kidney patients in the cities and countryside of northern Syria through its strategic medical warehouses.

More than 700 people with kidney failure benefit from these medicines. Qatar Charity has secured their needs for necessary medicines every three months for a year.

The "strategic medical warehouses in northern Syria" project, launched by Qatar Charity this year with funding from Qatar Fund for Development, is a vital project, as tens of thousands suffer from chronic diseases throughout the region and its health centers are devoid of basic medical supplies.

The project has provided two strategic warehouses for storing and preserving medicines and medical supplies for patients with renal failure, whose services cover (30) health facilities with a monthly supply of medical services, in addition to (47) hospitals that are provided with the necessary medical analgesics, in addition to providing (11) hospitals with dialysis medicines in the north Syrian.


The project focuses its efforts on the displaced, especially women and children.

Officials from health centers in northern Syria confirm that the health needs of the displaced are great and need concerted efforts to provide the necessary medicines, especially for patients undergoing dialysis, and that the health centers in the region lack the most basic elements of health care and need medicines and medical requirements. (QNA)