Qatar Customs in Air Cargo, Private Airports Thwart Smuggling of Prohibited Pills

  • 1 year ago

The customs in the air cargo and privates airports thwart the smuggling of prohibited pills. The contraband was hidden in one of the personal parcels, and upon inspection, it was found that there were 25 drug packs of prohibited pills with psychological effect hidden in a secret way inside the clothes. The number of seizures reached 1,400 tablets, and accordingly, a seizure report was issued. 

Last ​November 12, the maritime customs has foiled a smuggling of 7493 kg of tobacco , the prohibited substances was secretly hidden in a shipment of Bitumen mixtures. Accordingly, a seizure report was issued.


The Maritime customs also foiled a smuggling of tobacco hidden in a secret way inside a hand brooms shipment, after the inspection process they found 4423 packages of tobacco. The total amount weigh 5528.75 kg., accordingly a seizure report of a smuggling attempt of substances through Hamad port was issued last November 5.

Source: Qatar Customs