Qatar Foundation launches new program for gifted students

  • 9 months   ago

Qatar Foundation (QF) launched the brand new program ‘Qatar Foundation Gifted Enrichment Programs’ which is a program tailored to recognize, aid, and cater to the needs of the youth of Qatar. The program will be supported by the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY). Jhon Hopkins’ centre will offer a specifically customized version of one of its programs, ‘Live Interactive Virtual Explorations’ (LIVE), to QF. 

Qatar Foundation’s initiative will be offering interactive and engaging courses designed by CTY expert instructors to help identify the gifted youth. All with the help of CTY in hopes to provide and serve schools and families that are seeking to help their gifted students and kids. 

The program will be delivered via in-person workshops at Qatar Academy for Science and Technology, one of QF’s Pre-Universities Education school (PUE),  with QF gifted education experts present on-site to guide the students and provide support. the starting date is February 6th  and it is going to run until April 10th. In addition to a summer program set to launch by the end of June of 2021 


“We are delighted to announce the cooperative agreement with the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth – a global leader in gifted education. This program will provide learning opportunities to gifted students in Qatar, something previously limited to just a handful of schools locally or programs outside of the country. At QF, we are dedicated to developing and applying innovative models and practices that can influence and continuously improve education across Qatar and the region. And the agreement with the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth is an example of this commitment.” Said Cynthia Lynn Bolton, Head of Gifted Support, PUE Academic Affairs, QF.

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