Qatar University’s ESC marks World Water Day

  • 7 months   ago
Qatar University’s (QU) Environmental Science Centre (ESC) has taken efforts in order to raise public awareness regarding the significance of freshwater. This awareness has been brought to attention on the occasion of World Water Day and the value of saving it.
Director of the ESC, Prof Hamad al-Saad al-Kuwari, highlighted the vitality of researching ways to save this natural resource by stating: “The Arabian Gulf with its water and natural resources is a gift that we inherited from our ancestors. The hope is that we can gift the next generation a developed country with a prosperous natural environment.”
Prof Hamad said that, “Our mission at ESC is to protect this precious natural resource for the country, restore damaged systems and reduce various environmental impacts. Thanks to our researchers and advanced capabilities, the ESC plays a key role in achieving Qatar National Vision 2030.”
Prof Fadhil Sadooni, a research professor in the ESC, said that, “While the water cycle ensures the stability of the amount of water in our planet, we have noticed in recent decades, due to climate change, wide changes in the way that water is distributed on earth’s surface. In some parts of the world, we see scarcity of rainfall, in other places floods are destroying infrastructure and causing significant human loss.”
Prof Ponnumony Vethamony, research professor, Unesco chair professor and team leader of Physical and Chemical Oceanography at the ESC, expounded the significance of the ESC and the Unesco Chair, by saying that it represents an initiative that contributes to taking care of marine waters, the Arabian Gulf region and Qatari waters.
He concluded by saying that, “The centre aims to mobilise a global effort led by the University for scientists and researchers worldwide to study marine natural resources. Similarly, the Unesco chair seeks to work on conserving the Arabian Gulfs’ natural resources and reducing environmental pollution in its water and coasts.”