Qatar’s Nebras Power enters LatAm solar market

  • 3 years   ago
Qatar's Nebras Power will purchase 80% of Canadian Solar's Brazilian contracted sunlight based portfolio, adding up to 483MW at pinnacle. 
The arrangement incorporates the 114MW Salgueiro, the 114MW Francisco Sá, the 101MW Jaíba, and the 152MW Lavras ventures. The benefits will shape the Souther Cone's biggest bifacial sun powered PV portfolio and development will start this year. 
Nebras Power resources have been amassed in Asia, Africa, and Europe, with seven power creating ventures in the Netherlands, Jordan, Oman, and Indonesia, totaling a gross introduced limit of 4,845MW.
“This transaction is the first step in a very dynamic region identified by Nebras as key for future growth which we intend to follow with more in the near future,” Nebras’ chief business development officer Faisal Al Siddiqi said.
Canadian Solar will maintain a 20% stake and supply the bifacial modules for the plants.
“Canadian Solar and Nebras will jointly manage the execution of the EPC and will bring the projects to completion,” Canadian Solar’s CEO Shawn Qu said.