QC announces financial support for families affected in Palestine

  • 5 months   ago
Qatar Charity (QC), through its relief aid crew in Palestine, has assured to offer urgent assistance to those families affected by the Israeli attacks in co-operation with the Ministry of Social Development, with an aim to enable the team to meet the people’s urgent humanitarian needs. 
The financial aid comes under the framework of the relief campaign initiated by QC last week in response to the tough humanitarian events currently unfolding in Palestine. QC has hence announced the financial support of $5mn within the framework of the relief drive to support the affected and displaced in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and Jerusalem.
As part of this relief drive, QC focuses in offering urgent food and health aid, by giving out personal hygiene kits as global pandemic caused by Covid-19 is still in place, and rehabilitating and equipping health centres and hospitals to accommodate the largest number of patients possible and the injured.
Qatar Charity has also called out to all the generous people in Qatar to support the relief campaign meant for Palestine in order to enable it to distribute the aid to the largest number of displaced and affected people possible to meet their urgent humanitarian needs and alleviate their suffering.
Benefactors can donate through Qatar Charity’s website, app, branches and collection points across the country, and also can call the number 44667711.
In a statement, QC expressed its gratitude to the benevolent donors who supported the drive as well as the institutions, companies, restaurants and café that allocated part of their sales profit for the campaign. As of the beginning of this week, QC began giving out urgent relief aid to help the people of the Gaza Strip by donating blankets, pillows and mattresses.
Mohamed Abu Haloub, director of QC's office in the Gaza Strip, assured that Qatar Charity would carry out numerous projects in support of various sectors, especially health, making note that the medicines and medical supplies would be given to the families. He also stated that, in the days to come, QC would support other areas as well, especially food security, for the benefit of the affected families.
He also mentioned that the support would be extended to the displaced whose houses were demolished by giving them rent fee, signalling that QC would spare no effort in supporting the people of Palestine who have been affected by the ongoing tragedy. He also conveyed his thanks to the people of Qatar for supporting the people of Palestine during these challenging and unprecedented times.