QC launches its third phase of Qatar Relief Convoys in Lebanon

  • 11 months   ago
In order to deliver the urgent requirements and alleviate the sufferings, Qatar Charity (QC) has launched the third stage of Qatar Relief Convoys in Lebanon. This initiative took place to provide relief aid and winter supplies to the refugees from Syria who are camped in Arsal as they are going through a difficult period of time due to the various humanitarian crisis they face
Distributing aid and giving medical assistance in cooperation with the Islamic Medical Association in Arsal was included in the first batch of the third phase. It also covers the requirements of over 2700 families an average of 13,500 beneficiary refugees. The aid was delivered by 9 trucks loaded with 2,700 relief items, including basic food items and health bags.
The aim of this aid is to fulfil the basic humanitarian needs of the Syrians who are camped as refugees in Arsal and to reduce their ongoing pains and sufferings. The elderly are threatened by the absence of heating sources and the lack of basic needs of food, drink and clothing inside the camps.

Qatar Relief Convoys, which is organised by the QC departs from the Turkish-Syrian border to provide basic food, shelter and health kit along with the winter aids in three countries. The drive, which includes 200 convoys, are mainly targeted to provide the aids to Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.