QNTC launches first of its kind Immersive Visit Qatar Mobile Application

  • 2 years   ago
Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC) has announced that launch immersive Visit Qatar mobile app has been launched. As part of QNTC’s wider digital transformation strategy, the first-of-its-kind app consist of innovative cloud-based Adobe Experience Manager capabilities which harness data to deliver tailored experiences to users.
Designed as a user-centric digital travel companion, the app also gives the users to discover Qatar’s cultural heritage sites, extensive outdoor sports activities, diverse culinary scene and distinguished attractions.
The application also provides a 360 degree and panoramic views of iconic sites and landmarks, in addition to the feature that permits the users to swipe right on a selection of top locations. They can also use the map assistant to plot and plan their stay, and enjoy personalised recommendations based on their preferences.
Chief Operating Officer of QNTC, Berthold Trenkel said that, “Qatar is a country of hidden gems and one that is on a mission to become a leading destination for both local and international travellers. The launch of the Visit Qatar mobile app is a core part of our strategy to modernise our digital marketing and deliver a superior visitor experience.”
“With Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, we’re now able to provide more targeted, timely, and personalised experiences to travellers. In phase two of the development, the mobile app will offer even more 360 experiences and include a festival & events calendar,” he added.
As the latest technology has been made available and utilised in the best manner, QNTC continues to collaborate with stakeholders to improve the tourism experience in Qatar, and make it a must-visit destination.
The use of Adobe Experience Manager helps fuel its digital transformation as it is a pioneer in Qatar in adopting the cloud-based ecosystem. The app is available for free for iOS via the App Store and for Android via Google Play. While currently the operational language is in English, an Arabic version will be available soon.
To find out more information on the Visit Qatar Mobile App please visit www.visitqatar.qa or download the app via the App Store.