QRCS Provides Medical kits and aids for Hospitals in Yemen

  • 7 months   ago
Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) has joined hands with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) in implementing a project to improve the health care services and systems for all refugees residing in Yemen.
With the help of these medical equipment provided by QRSC, 19 surgeries in the recent past were performed for all the unwell refugees. Some of the treatments include vein transplantations, diagnostic/therapeutic catheterizations, cardiac stent placements, tumor removals, sampling, and skin grafts for burn treatment.
Some of the hospitals such as Al-Thawra General Hospital, Al-Jomhouri Teaching Hospital, and the Central Laboratory of Sanaa have been benefitted by this project implemented by QRSC in order to alleviate further suffering of the refugees.
The supplies included 36 syringe pumps, six DC Shock devices, and three vein viewers.
The total cost of this project was $66,768 and was aimed at meeting the earnest needs by providing medical kits, consumables and furniture.
One of the officials and representative of UNHCR and QRCS paid a visit to the Al-Thawra General Hospital and Al-Jomhouri Teaching Hospital. 
This is an emphasis on the current efforts taken in order to decrease the increasing burden on public hospitals, and also to address the shortages in medical aids, medications, and lab solutions.
During the visit, they discussed the current health conditions of the beneficiaries, how to equip medical examinations and surgical procedures, coordination between health facilities and QRCS, mechanism of completing the furnishing of Al-Jomhouri Hospital's intensive care unit (ICU), and ways to overcome the delays in delivery.
In a statement, Dr. Mona Al Hamadani, the referral officer under the project, stated: "The timely response, medical examinations, surgical interventions, and provision of medications for the patients helped to put an end to many years of pain for them. All the operations, stents, and vein grafts were secured for free. The patients received optimized medical services, comprehensive examinations, medications, and ambulance transportation from and to hospitals."
Dr. Al Hamadani described the intervention as a lifeline for the patients to reduce their pains and sufferings from harsh humanitarian conditions. She praised the services provided by the Qatar Red Crescent Society for the Al-Hafi and Al-Rahbi health centers, which have been totally funded since the beginning of the past year.
According to a statistical report by QRCS's medical staff at the health centers, 30,508 beneficiaries have been served under the project, and free-of-charge medications were distributed to 31,879 refugees and Yemeni patients both at the health centers and beyond. (QNA)