Recipients adopting these six types of vaccines are exempted from quarantine, says health official

  • 4 months   ago
The Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital at Hamad Medical Corporation, Dr. Yusuf al-Maslamani confirmed that travelers will be exempted from undergoing mandatory quarantine upon their arrival to the country if they have received these six types of Covid-19 vaccines which was approved earlier by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). 
The names of the vaccines approved and announced by MoPH are:
CoviSheild Vaccine (AstraZeneca)
Janssen/Johnson & Johnson Vaccine 
Sinopharm vaccine
The Russian vaccine is not included in the list.
Regarding the individuals who have been vaccinated for a period of nine months, Dr. Al-Maslamani expounded in remarks made during the physical distance program broadcasted on a number of channels including Qatar TV, Al Rayyan Channel and al-Kass channels. 
He said: “The scientific committee continuously follows up on what is published globally on any research on the presence of antibodies in the body after 9 months.”
“The countries that started vaccination before us have more information, and now there are follow-ups based on the scientific committee, which in turn submits the matter to the strategic committee to make appropriate decisions,” he added.
The senior health official also highlighted the significance of following the mandatory precautionary measures imposed in the country in order to avoid complacency until the active rates in Qatar is curbed and restricted.