Saloons and beauty centres to resume operations tomorrow

  • 1 year ago
Saloons and beauty centres to resume operations tomorrow

Beauty salons and barber shops in Qatar will reopen tomorrow with the third stage of lifting COVID-19 restrictions. 

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has announced the gradual lifting in restrictions for barbershops and beauty centres.

“In line with the previous decisions and measures taken by Qatar to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents, and to limit the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), the following has been decided,” Ministry said on twitter explaining the procedures.

Ministry said that barbershops and beauty centres will be allowed to resume their operations if pre-approval is obtained in this regard.

Conditions to obtain prior approval from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry are: 

1)    To examine all employees and workers and to submit certificates confirming that staff members are free of coronavirus (Covid 19). 

2)    To download the pre-approval application form for resuming the operations of barbershops and beauty centres via the following link:

3)    To fill out the required data and attach certificates that confirm the medical test results.

4)    To submit the application at any service centre of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The application will be reviewed immediately and approval will be granted after ensuring that all the required conditions are met, particularly medical certificates confirming that staff members at barbershops and beauty centres are free from Covid-19, in addition to the outlet's manager signing an undertaking to implement the precautionary and preventive measures outlined by the relevant authorities.


According to the decision, barbershops and beauty centres must comply with the precautionary and preventive measures outlined by the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, and shall implement the following guidelines:

-    Not to exceed the occupancy rate specified during the current period. The rate should not exceed 30% of the total capacity of the barbershop or salon.

-    To allow customers entry only after checking the colour code identifying the client's health condition on the Ehteraz app.

-    To check and measure the temperature of clients upon arrival, and to deny entry to individuals whose temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius. 

-    To provide hand sanitisers and soap in all facilities of barbershops and beauty centres. 

-    To compel clients to pre-book, and to prohibit customer gatherings inside the salon.

-    To require employees and clients to maintain a safe distance of no less than two metres from each other.

Barbershops and beauty centres shall also adhere to the following:

-    All staff and employees in barbershops and beauty salons shall undergo regular coronavirus detection tests, according to the directives of the Ministry of Public Health.

-    To activate the Ehteraz app for all employees in barbershops and salons, to isolate individuals who show symptoms of infection, and to inform relevant authorities to take the necessary precautions and health measures.

-    To require all employees and workers to wear medical masks for the duration of their time in the salon.

-    To place safe distance stickers on all floors of the barbershops and salons.

-    To continuously sterilise the barbershops and salon's tools and facilities, with a particular focus on door and escalator handles, payment devices, cosmetic and barber chairs as well as equipment and tools used before and after the service is provided.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry stressed the importance of complying with the circulars, decisions and directives related to Covid-19 prevention, including:

-    Instructions for the gradual re-opening plan and the timeline announced by the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management. Circulars and decisions issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

-    Instructions related to the responsibilities of employers to limit the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), and directives for health and safety regulations issued by the Ministry of Public Health. 

-    The policies set by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs on the precautionary measures to prevent and reduce the spread of the epidemic.

This decision goes into effect from Tuesday, July 28, 2020 and may be subject to amendments and updates according to the latest developments in this regard. Any violation of this decision will subject perpetrators to legal accountability and procedures.


The Ministry stressed that the success of each stage of the comprehensive plan for the gradual lifting of restrictions depends on the adherence of all individuals to the required preventive and precautionary measures.

The saloon outlets, which follow the instructions issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) can resume the operation at any time from Tuesday onwards. 

Speaking to Qatar Tribune, the Director of Doha Beauty Centre Shiela Philipose said their 12 outlets would reopen shortly as per the instructions by the authority. Prior to the reopening, all outlets should submit all the details of workers to MoCI and get approval. 

As per the instructions by the authority all employees and workers should submit medical certificate confirming all of them are free from coronavirus. COVID-19 test can be taken from 21 private medical centres listed by the authority.

Customers take prior appointment and their colour tag in Ehteraz must be green while entering the saloon.

Muneer Rahman, the Director of Beauty Mark Gents Saloon in Doha said, “The documents required for the reopening are under process. We are expected to open our outlets within the next couple of days”.

Saloon and beauty centres in Qatar was closed on March 15, immediately after the coronavirus outbreak in line with the safety of citizens and residents. 

Part of shifting COVID-19 restrictions, Qatar has already opened shopping malls, public parks, beaches, vegetable and fruit markets and fish markets with some easy precautions like wearing masks and keeping social distances at public places.