Security guards holds peaceful protest to raise minimum wage set by labour law

  • 9 months   ago
On Monday, a group of security guards held a peaceful protest in Qatar in order to raise the minimum wage and salary criteria that was set by the reformed labour law. The security guards who protested were workers from European Security (EGSSCO), one of the largest firms in the country, and complained that the company was not willing to give the required minimum wage set by the labour law in Qatar. 
In a memo, the organisers and volunteers of the peaceful protest urged all their employees to ‘unite as brothers’ in conducting a peaceful demonstration on April 26, if the organisation does not adjust with their demand of raising the minimum wage. The statement of the memo said: “This call for our joined efforts to force the management @EGSS to abide by the rules laid by Qatar government as regards the minimum wage increment. We have staged a peaceful demonstration on 26th March 2021 not to attend work and demand for the increase of our salary.”
The memo further added: “Note most of the companies, especially security companies in Qatar have given their staff a new contract in order to meet legislation of new Qatar labour law except for our company. We call for your cooperation to this cause.”
The Government Communications Office (GCO) has called out to all the employees who have not yet received their minimum wage or those that received lower than the required to contact the ministry of labour through the Armeni app or to directly contact them in order to make sure if they have received the salary. 
The designated officials affirmed that the request made by the workers have now been addressed and resolved by all parties involved.
The State of Qatar had introduced the country’s first ever non-discriminatory minimum wage as part of a major ‘historic labour reform’ programme in September 2020. Apart from the set minimum wage of QR 1000 (USD 275), the new legislation stipulated that all employers must provide allowances such as QR 300 and QR 500 for food and housing in cases they are not provided to the workers in the salary package.