Select sectors exempted from specified working hours

  • 3 years   ago

Select sectors including contracting and construction have been exempted from the decision on specified working hours, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) announced yesterday through Circular No 21 of 2020. 
This is in the context of the preventive and precautionary measures adopted by Qatar to contain the Covid-19 outbreak and to ensure public safety, according to a statement from the MoCI.


Exempted businesses include contracting and construction companies; building materials and equipment companies; technical, mechanical and carpentry workshops; offices and engineering laboratories; and stores and warehouses, the MoCI has said in a statement.

For this, the following conditions have to be met:

* To measure the body temperature of all employees twice a day and to isolate any worker with a high body temperature.
* To prepare a list of elderly workers and employees with chronic illness conditions.
* To comply with safe distancing measures both in the workplace and at home.
* To commit to wearing masks and using sterilisers both at work and at home.
* To abide by working hours and shift requirements and to ban gatherings in workplaces and homes.

The MoCI has stressed that all companies and retail outlets must comply with the decisions of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Public Health in this regard. It warned that any violation of the decision’s provisions will subject perpetrators to legal measures.

The ministry will intensify its inspection campaigns to ensure the compliance of parties concerned with their obligations in line with this decision and to crack down on any violations in this regard.

The ministry noted that the decision, which was issued yesterday, may be subject to amendments and updates according to the latest developments in this regard. The MoCI has called on all citizens and residents to seek information only from official sources, and to consult its website and social media pages for the latest news and updates.

The ministry has urged consumers to report any violations or infringements, complaints and suggestions through the following communication channels: call centre: 16001, e-mail:, Twitter: @MOCIQATAR, Instagram: MOCIQATAR, and the ministry’s application on iPhone and Android devices: MOCIQATAR 

Exemption list
* Contracting and construction companies.
* Building materials and equipment companies.
* Technical, mechanical and carpentry workshops.
* Offices and engineering laboratories.
* Stores and warehouses any violation of the decision’s provisions will subject perpetrators to legal measures.

Source: MOCI