The Ministry of Justice Joins Qatar Open Data Portal

  • 11 months   ago

The Ministry of Justice joined Qatar Open Data Portal to share its data with all governmental and private authorities whether they are existing in the portal or following it, in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications which supervises the portal.

The Ministry of Justice provides all data that serve internal and external public in the portal in both Arabic and English languages according to the international standards followed in this field.   

Joining of the Ministry of Justice to Qatar Open Data Portal comes in light of the requirements of the Qatar Digital Government 2020 and the Second National Development Strategy 2017-2022, which emphasizes the need to enhance efficiency and transparency in providing public services to achieve the goals of Qatar's vision 2030, including strengthening channels of access to the Ministry's services with ease.

The publication of the open data of the Ministry of Justice aims to ensure transparency in the implementation of transactions, promote interaction and communication with the public, and activate all digital platforms to provide the Ministry's services to the public electronically within an integrated step being implemented for this purpose.


With this step, all those dealing with the Ministry from inside or outside will be able to access the legal and service data of the Ministry of Justice, such as real estate bulletins and specialized training courses that are conducted at the Legal and Judicial Studies Centre, and other statistics and data of interest to the public which strengthen the principle of transparency and enhance the investment climate in the State. Data related to the Ministry can be accessed by this link: of Justice

Source: Ministry of Justice