Traffic department seizes nearly 1,000 vehicles for traffic violations

  • 3 years   ago
The General Directorate of Traffic has seized nearly 1,000 vehicles since the drive started during the beginning of holy month of Ramadan, as part of its plan to limit the traffic violations to ensure their safety and the safety of others.
Traffic Department has referred the violating motorists to the designated authorities for further legal action to be taken against them. The ultimate aim of the campaign is to focus on traffic violations such as drifting, reckless driving, over-speeding, car racing, creating loud noise among others. The General Directorate of Traffic, represented by the Investigation and Patrols Section will continue its inspection campaign to control serious traffic violations and to enhance safety requirements on roads.
Captain Mohammed Safar Al Kuwari, the Investigation Officer spoke on this regard saying the campaign was launched from the first day of Ramadan and will continue until its end. Al Kuwari said that, “It is aimed to reduce the most dangerous traffic violations that used to be committed by some motorists during Ramadan.”
The campaign includes all areas of the country, and civilian and military patrols are also participating in it in order to administer and limit the traffic violations and receive reports around the clock.  Along with their routine work in regulating traffic, civilian and military patrols also ensures that the motorists will be following all the mandatory preventive methods approved by the government and health officials in Qatar so that the spread of the virus will be restricted. Some of precautionary measures enforced are limiting the number of passengers permitted inside the vehicle, and installing Ehteraz application on their mobile phones. 
Captain Mohammed Safar Al Kuwari Also urged all the motorists to maintain and follow all traffic rules, and to take more caution, particularly in residential areas, and to steer away from violating traffic behaviours that results in affecting the public in a negative manner.