Transport Ministry announces decision to allow same family members or maximum of 10 people in one boat

  • 8 months   ago
The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) has made an announcement regarding its decision to continue the ongoing suspension of the rental service of boats, touristic and leisure boats, except for rental service for the same family members who stay in the same household or at most 10 from not same-family members.  
As Qatar prepares to gradually lift the restrictions imposed due to Covid-19, MOTC has said that suspension of rental of boats will continue to be in place except for the same household members provided who can use the service given that that all the individuals have received full vaccination. 
MoTC also mentioned that maximum 10 individuals who are not of the same family members will be permitted inside the boat given that they have received both the doses of vaccination against Covid-19.
it is also allowed to have a maximum two individuals who aren't fully vaccinated or haven't got any shot at all.