What You Need to Know About Renewal of Visas and RP in Qatar

  • 2 years   ago

Many countries all over the world have imposed travel restrictions due to the (COVID-19) pandemic, and Qatar is no exception.

Due to the recent outbreak, residents and expats in Qatar are seeking for clarifications on renewal of visas, Residence Permits (RP) or Qatar IDs (QID).

Here are the guidelines released by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to shed light on the confusion:

Visa extension for visitors

Can you get an extension for your visit visa?

There are three types of visas

-Visa upon arrival

- Business / standard tourist visa

- Special / family visit visa

  • If you took a visa on arrival, your visa will be extended automatically and for free until April 22, 2020. This might be extended depending on the situation and until further notice.
  • Both on-arrival and visit visas can be extended for one (1) month after the expiration date electronically through MOI Website or Metrash2 without the need to visit General Directorate of Passports or MOI Service Centres.
  • If you want to extend your visa (or to check its status) follow this link.
  • If you have a business or standard tourist visa (not from a country eligible for visa on arrival), your sponsor or travel agency must request for the extension. A copy of the passport, company CR, and a letter of request are required to complete the process.



For employees who unexpectedly lost their jobs

What if your job has ended unexpectedly?

If you intend to stay in Qatar although you unpectedly lost your job, you can have two months to look for a new opportunity.

Residents who are out of the country

What if my QID has expired and I can't enter Qatar due to travel ban during the outbreak?

All expatriates who are unable to return to Qatar as their flights are affected by the travel restrictions due to Covid-19, can enter once the entry ban is lifted even if their Qatar IDs have expired or if they have stayed more than six months outside the country.

Renewal of QID

Can I still renew my RP if I need renewal?

You can renew your RP through MOI Eservices-portal or Metrash2 app. The Ministry enables individuals and companies in Qatar to renew RPs online for 1 to 3 years. Qataris, residents, and companies holding Qatari Smart ID Cards can avail of this service.

How to renew QID online?

1. Login with your smartcard to the e-services portal of MOI.

2. Click on "Residency Services" then "Renew Residency".

3. Renewal for individuals: select the QID number to be renewed (maximum 5 numbers at a time).

4. Renewal for companies: select the QID number to be renewed (maximum 20 numbers at a time), and click "Add".

5. Choose the renewal period for the selected RP.

6. Select the delivery option for the new residence permit.

7. Pay the applicable fees.