Buses in Qatar to drop by children’s homes and give away sweets, nuts this Garangao

  • 1 year ago

The Ministry of Culture and Sports celebrates Garangao by running buses to distribute sweets and nuts to the children at their homes.

Garangao is a traditional children’s party celebrated in Qatar that is observed after the breaking of the fast on the 14th night of Ramadan, when half of the fasting month is over.

In view of the recent pandemic and as part of the precautionary measures, the buses will take a tour in many areas across the country for the distribution of the children's treats.

This Garangao initiative by the Ministry is in line with its goal to revive the popular distinct Qatari heritage and uphold unity among the community during the pandemic.

In cooperation with sports clubs and some entities affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, the celebration will be organized observing safety precautions. It will be conducted with volunteers volunteers trained in precautionary measures.

According to Issa Al Haremi, Director of Sports Affairs at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the celebration is a symbolic initiative because it aims to spread joy in the hearts of children. It is organized with the support of 10 sports clubs including Al Rayyan Sports Club, Al Sadd Sports Club, Qatar Sports Club, Al Khor Sports Club, and Al Shamal Sports Club.

The official added that it is not possible for the buses to cover all areas of the country, but a large group of children will receive gifts of Garangao. He noted that this distribution is to ensure community participation, stressing that this festival does not stop due to the unprecedented situation.

Al Haremi further stated that there are videos to be posted on social media platforms about the safety measures when preparing buses for Garangao sweet distribution to kids.

Source: Ministry of Culture and Sports