This Breathtaking Image Of A Sparkling Necklace Nebula Leaves Netizens Awestruck!

  • 2 years   ago
Necklace  Nebula
Another day, another stunning image of our breathtaking universe! The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has shared another sparkling image of the “necklace nebula” on its official Instagram page.
The image of this sparkling blue wonder has been shared by NASA on its official NASA Hubble Instagram page where the caption states “We’re going to the cosmic jewellery store! The Necklace Nebula is located around 15,000 light-years away. It’s the glowing aftermath of an exploded star, consisting of a bright ring that measures about 12 trillion miles across, dotted with dense, bright knots of gas that resemble diamonds in a necklace. If you played ‘Choose Your Hubble Adventure’ in our stories yesterday, then this is the Hubble image that matched the winning options! Thanks for playing, and stay tuned for future rounds!”.
The image shared by NASA has left the people awestruck and has received over 70,000 likes and 180 comments. Also, the image shared was a part of NASA’s “Choose your Hubble adventure” where users select the image that they like the most in NASA’s Hubble Instagram stories. And this image of a necklace nebula won that little contest this time.
NASA explains that the object, aptly named the Necklace Nebula, is a recently discovered planetary nebula, the glowing remains of an ordinary, Sun-like star. This nebula consists of a bright ring, measuring 12 trillion miles wide, dotted with dense, bright knots of gas that resemble diamonds in a necklace. It further states that a pair of stars orbiting close together produced the nebula, also called PN G054.2-03.4.
NASA Hubble is a space telescope and a project of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space Agency. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., manages the telescope. This large telescope was launched back in 1990 and travels around Earth at about 5 miles per seconds and captures pictures of planets, stars and galaxies. Scientists have learned a lot about space from these beautiful pictures captured by Hubble.

Source: Mashable India