Traveling Soon? Here are 15 Things You Should NEVER Do at the Airport!

  • 3 years   ago
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Travel is back. All roads lead to airports across the world again. And, even if there are many who are still not traveling, some are ready to start booking future trips.

After more than a year of lockdowns due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, most countries are reopening their borders to travelers or at least planning for it.

Less Risk, More Freedom

With growing numbers of people getting vaccinated against the virus and infection rates dropping around affected nations, travel is feeling a lot safer than it did last year.

If you’re fully vaccinated, you’re now eligible for open quarantine-free travels in many countries. However, you still need to take some precautions while traveling.

Travel with Ease

For you to enjoy a great travel experience amid the pandemic and avoid any problems you may face due to minor mistakes, pay attention to some travel tips and guidelines.

According to Al Jazeera Net, Lauren Cahn – the author of a report published in The Reader's Digest, highlights the importance of the following simple tips and instructions to enjoy a comfortable and problem-free journey from airport to airport:

Big Airport No-Nos

Waving around a firearm or joking about having a bomb in your carry-on may lead you to serious trouble. But, it's still surprisingly easy to mess up at the airport. So, stay careful but alert.

Your journey through the airport can be stressful – you’re chasing the time, surrounded by other stressed people, and faced with nerve-racking security checks. 

But, there are ways you can keep the stress level to a minimum and make your airport experience go smoothly for yourself and others. Avoid these common airport blunders and be a smart traveler.

1. Don’t show up late.

Being on time is crucial when it comes to airline travel, according to a long-time commercial pilot. When you show up late to the airport, you not only risk missing your flight, but you make the experience worse for other passengers and the flight crew. 

2. Don’t expect your travel to be easy.

Before you even board, there’s a high chance you’ll go through an overcrowded, understaffed airport. Keep from making things worse by avoiding these airport pitfalls.

Now that the golden age of aviation has passed, we can no longer count on assigned seating, checking baggage, legroom, or free meals. Your high expectations can set you up for disappointment.

3. Don’t forget to charge your phone.

Nowadays, everybody relies on phones for digital soft copies of their travel documents. So, think about what would happen if it runs out of power/battery. Your mobile boarding pass is useless, and that’s really going to hold you up.

If you can’t get it up and running quickly — worse yet, forget your charger and have to reach out to the one at the newsstand — you could miss your flight.

4. Don’t chat up the check-in staff.

Don’t think that just because the staff at the check-in desk smiles at you, it is an invitation to sleaze over her. All airport workers want is to get through another day without making any issues with passengers. Being chatty with them certainly won’t get you an upgrade – but these 15 tips might.

5. Don’t ask a pilot for directions.

If you see a uniformed pilot in an airport, leave him alone and never ask a single question. When you ask a pilot for directions, you’re more than likely wasting both your time and theirs. There’s a really good chance he’s just passing through — which means he could be just as lost as you are. 

6. Don’t jump the queue and outwit airport security.

Yes, airport queues are annoying, and no one likes taking off their shoes, belts, and coats. But, there’s no way to escape security procedures — and if you try, you’re not going to like what happens.

On one flight, a woman who refused to take off her coat because it was part of her outfit, ended up being pulled aside for an extensive pat down.

7. Don’t leave your laptop or any electronic device at security.

Most airport security checkpoints require that all laptops and tablets be placed in a separate bin. Be alert as a shocking number of travelers forget to put their electronic devices back in their bags. Imagine the hassle if you forgot to take your gadgets with you and only realized it when you’re already on board the plane.

8. Don’t sleep at the airport.

“Sleeping in airports is a strictly at-your-own-risk activity,” writes TripSavvy. It is something that few people would recommend outside of extenuating circumstances. 

You’re tired: Your head says “you must stay awake,” but your body says “no.” But, whatever you do, don’t give in. One minute you’ll be thinking about catching 30 winks. Next thing you’ll know, you’ve missed your flight.

9. Don’t be a ‘gate lurker.’

Resist the almost irrepressible urge to hang around the gate waiting for your flight to be called. ‘Flight QR 529 to Qatar is now boarding…’ and the queue already stretches so long the announcer has not yet called the passengers to line up. 

Yes, believe the sudden change in status on the departure board from “Delayed to Boarding!” But, that doesn’t mean you’ll sprint fast to the gate. Stay in control.

However, due to the ‘allocated seating,’ you’ve still got to get on that plane as soon as possible to get your bag in the overhead lockers. It is still better to remain seated until it’s time for boarding.

10. Don’t apply too much perfume or body scent.

Airports and airplanes are crammed: Be considerate of others by minimizing your scent of choice.

Tip: Antiperspirant will be enough to get you through (and protect your seatmates). Remember: Going overboard with scents is one of the inconsiderate airplane habits passengers need to stop.

11. Don’t take a sedative.

Sleeping through a long flight can be tempting. But, you don’t want to incapacitate yourself on an airplane. You’ll not only need to get up for seatmates, but you may need to respond to emergency instructions. As much as possible, do not sleep your way through a long flight.

“Taking medication to help you sleep while flying increases your risk of blood clots in your legs that can lead to death,” a registered nurse told Business Insider. Shocking, but true.

Give yourself enough time to allow for delays caused by the failure of the airport’s computer systems or further security screenings. Remain courteous, don’t sigh audibly when the person in front of you fails to understand the scanners or machines, and don’t push in front of the others in the security queue. If you want to beat the queue, remain at peace while doing it.

Tip: In the security line, follow the path of least resistance and stick to the other tips to help you speed through airport security.

12. Don’t lose your temper.

Lose your manners and you lose a little bit of respect for yourself. The rule of social decency is always a must when in public. 

Nothing gives you the right to give any member of airport staff a hard time just because your flight is delayed, they’ve run out of your specific meal choice or the crew requested you to wear your facemask properly. Losing your temper at people who are just doing their jobs is unacceptable. 

13. Don’t mess with the baggage conveyor belt.

Yes, just like others, you’re anxious to grab your suitcase and get out of there. However, it’s incredibly frustrating when it’s sitting on the belt, ready to slide down, and then the belt stops — or your luggage gets stuck. 

Keep calm. Resist the urge to climb onto the belt to try to fix things. Otherwise, you’re not only risking a fall or getting tangled up in the machinery, but you’re also violating airport security.

14. Don’t take photos of strangers without their permission.

Filming or taking pictures of other passengers and posting it on the internet without their consent is prohibited. 

According to Lifehacker, “It’s invasive, inappropriate, and can even put the other person in danger.” It can also put the photographer—and their phone or camera—in danger should the subject catch on and strenuously object.

15. Don’t forget why you’re there.

Travelers may always lose track of time when at the airport due to some distractions like duty-free shops, restaurants, and other novelties. 

One guy who once missed his flight entirely, was interviewed by Safebe, a safety news site, and said: “I would be in the [airport] coffee shop, find a newspaper, and start poring over it, forgetting I had a flight coming out a few gates down the concourse.”

Ready for your next trip? Airports can be stressful, alright. While there's a lot of advice out there for what you should do at an airport, don't forget there are lots of things that you should never, ever do - from gate lurking to chatting up staff.

Take this list seriously. Remember these tips on staying calm and saving time at the airport for a smooth travel experience.

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