80% of Qatar’s population to receive full vaccination by this year-end, says Dr. Al Bayat

  • 3 years   ago
The Head of Vaccination at the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) Dr. Soha Al Bayat expounded that the efficiency of two vaccines used in the country, the community awareness, cooperation of the entire public has enabled the region to come to the level of less COVID-19 rates in Qatar. 
Recently speaking with Qatar TV, Dr. Al Bayat urged all the individuals yet to receive the vaccination to take it as soon as possible, so that the country would become one of the first countries to restrict the global epidemic.  
Dr. Al Bayat said that, “80% of the population must be vaccinated so that the number of infection rate decreases further. It is expected that this percentage will be reached before end of this year.”
“Drive Through COVID-19 Vacciantion Centres in Lusail and Al Wakra were opened as a temporary measure for a specific goal, which is to give a boost to National COVID-19 Vaccination Program,” she added.
She also mentioned on the percentage of vaccinations, which will now decline rapidly as the new vaccination centre was launched for Business and Industry Sector, which remarkably enhances the capacity of the national vaccination program in the country.